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Here are some of my books, there are links to pages where they can be purchased. Some are in print only format, some are e-books and some are in both. When I get the chance to I will make them all available in e-book format. LAST BOOK IN LIST IS FREE!

Flames of Herakleitos

ISBN-10: 0955518512
ISBN-13: 978-0955518515


It's 1969 and a four year old girl witnesses the terrifying
death of her father, which is attributed to Spontaneous Human Combustion.
The child is unable to explain what she saw, and shortly after the
incident, whilst in hospital, almost suffers the same fate when she is
attacked by an unknown entity. But she survives.

Thirty years pass, Lucy Fenton has grown into a writer of horror stories
and is the star of their film versions. She is haunted by the morbid
feeling that the entity has not yet finished with her. It turns out she is
correct and leads her to a parallel world where everything she has ever
known is turned on its head.

Free sample here: Flames of Herakleitos

The Empathy Effect​

ISBN-10: 1906652074

ISBN-13: 978-1906652074

Cooper Jones is an alcoholic with a super-power, he is an empath, almost able to read minds ... almost! He's also a Swansea traffic warden and doesn't have to read minds to know what people think of him. However, he had no idea how hated he was until he was bound to Mumbles Pier and left to drown.

Free sample here: The Empathy Effect

A Cloud Of Madness

ISBN-10: 1449534449
ISBN-13: 978-1449534448

65.5 Million years ago a wandering comet caused The K-T Extinction Event that ended the reign of the dinosaurs.
In 2025 it is our turn

Eclectic Sheep That Androids Never Dreamed Of


ISBN: 9781465811226


An eclectic flock of sixteen science fiction stories by Bob Lock. Ranging from a pixel pixie, the virtual reality lover of a crippled boy to squids in space, to gene-spliced human and animal creatures, to a robot in love, to a strange first contact scenario that even The Prime Directive would have trouble sorting out. I hope these tales make you laugh and perhaps cry and only in the places where they were supposed to!

They Feed On Flesh

ISBN: 9781476297521


A series of short stories to help you survive the unavoidable zombie apocalypse that is just around the corner, go take a look if you don't believe, but then don't come crying to me when you peep around and get your face bitten off...

Contains stories such as:
The Dumb Arse's Guide to killing Zombie
The Zombie Whisperer
The Vegetarian Zombie
and many many more!



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