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As you will see from the homepage I have now started a dial-up service for Science Fiction -Fantasy - Horror and Poems on 08726657636 where you can listen to short stories over your landline (if it's BT then it will be 10p per minute) or, if you are very rich, your mobile-phone!
I don't think anyone has thought of this idea before (well, apart from the porn industry!) and I'm hoping the more sophisticated and cerebral reader will decide to give the system a go :)
The short stories last between ten to twenty minutes and the poetry will be about a minute or two long. However, you can always hang-up anytime you want. If the system takes off I might even invest in a method whereby I can upload a novella or short novel and the server will recognise where you left off the last time you dialled in and take you straight to the page. But that is for the future, should I cover my costs and setting it up isn't too expensive.
You can even leave feedback if you wish after listening to the story/poem of your choice, or even just leave a message for me immediately after the menu options.
Hope you enjoy :)



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